Finding Thanksgiving Tablescape Inspiration #PFDecorates

ProFlowers DisclosureIf there is one holiday that is centered around food, it is Thanksgiving. I’ve been fortunate to spend every Thanksgiving with my family and enjoy a wonderful feast. My mother is a fantastic cook and generally takes care of most of our food. Each year I bring something to share, typically appetizers or a dessert (or both!).  But the one area that always seems to be forgotten is creating a beautiful tablescape which mirrors the care and thought that goes into the food prepared.  This year, with the help of Proflowers, I had the chance to create my own special table setting and I found it was much easier than I imagined with a just little bit of planning.

Thanksgiving Tablescape Proflowers Flowers CandlelightI decided to keep my table simple and use materials that could be used over and over again. I went with some textured ivory linens which will work any time of year. I topped my tablecloth off with a beautiful but simple table runner which will work for more than just Thanksgiving. The back is a rich burgundy which means I can easily turn it over and use this same runner for Christmas.

Thanksgiving Tablescape Proflowers Centerpiece with CandlesI decided this Thanksgiving Collection 20” Centerpiece would be a great way to enjoy dinner with real evergreens and candlelight for more ambiance. There are several versions available to work for any sized table. This one is perfect for a table of 4-8 guests.

My beloved Fiestaware  is perfect for occasions such as this. I have many colors which means I can mix and match for any occasion, but I can also use it for every day. No special purchase is needed!

Thanksgiving Tablescape Proflowers Centerpiece View from TopI created simple place cards with initials wrapped around small apples. This can easily be recreated with some cardstock, craft scissors and a scalloped punch. Some double-sided tape held them in place.  Other fruits could also be used, or small tags could be attached to the fruit’s stem instead.

Thanksgiving Tablescape Proflowers Apple Place Card Alternative

With so many trees in our large yard, I had plenty of acorns and pine cones to scatter around the table. It is a great way to add texture and is free!

Thanksgiving Tablescape Proflowers Place Setting

I picked up these inexpensive napkin rings to give a little sparkle to my table and bring out the beautiful colors in my plates. I love their simplicity. Instead of carefully folding my napkins, I simply bunched them at the center and slid my napkin ring down.

Thanksgiving Tablescape Proflowers Setting Fiesta

There is a buffet in my dining room which is perfect for displaying food for us to nibble on while we wait for dinner.

Thanksgiving Tablescape Proflowers Buffet Flowers Snacks Filter

I picked out this Fall Cornucopia which features an assortment of fresh fruits. It is a great option for healthy snacking but also fits perfectly for decoration.

Thanksgiving Tablescape Proflowers Cornocopia Fruit Basket

The chocolate,  nuts and dried fruit were a huge hit. Once I was finished with these pictures, my husband grabbed the almonds and polished them off. They were nicely salted and fresh.

Thanksgiving Tablescape Proflowers Cornocopia Fruit Basket Snacks

The dried fruit was my favorite. So fresh and flavorful. My only regret was that I didn’t have more to munch on. Delicious!
Thanksgiving Tablescape Proflowers Dried FruitThe  Seasonal Splendor Centerpiece is certainly unique and features bronze cremons, safari sunset, red hypericum, orange and red tulips and seeded eucalyptus.

Thanksgiving Tablescape Proflowers Flowers on Buffet

Gorgeous, aren’t they?
Thanksgiving Tablescape Proflowers Flowers Closeup

Choosing which picture to share was simply too difficult.
Thanksgiving Tablescape Proflowers Flowers Closeup 1

This burlap cubed vase was the perfect touch.
Thanksgiving Tablescape Proflowers Flowers Vase Burlap

When I think of Proflowers, I always think of the chocolate covered strawberries. The Full Dozen Autumn Strawberries look gorgeous on display and are certainly a treat! They also tasted fabulous.

Thanksgiving Tablescape Proflowers Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

My Thanksgiving Tablescape Tips:

  • Decide on an overall feel you are trying to achieve and choose flowers that reflect that. Are you looking for more of a traditional table that is elegant? Roses or tulips would be perfect. Do you want something more country chic and cheerful? Sunflowers might be right up your ally.
  • Try to choose pieces for your table setting  that can be used for more than one occasion to save storage space and money.
  • Consider solid prints with a patterned table runner to keep the focus in the center. It also keeps the table from feeling too busy.
  • Add a little personalized touch to your table. Consider handmade napkin rings, place cards or even a small gift at each setting that guests can take home.
  • Don’t forget other pieces of furniture in the room so the feeling you are trying to create doesn’t stop at the table.  Use them for drinks, snacks and/or decorations.

Thanksgiving Tablescape Proflowers Ready to Eat

So who wants to come over for dinner?
The ProFlowers “Be Thankful” board on Pinterest has more great idea to help you create your ideal table for Thanksgiving.


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