Wordless Wednesday – Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkins aren’t just good for eating. Halloween just isn’t Halloween without a jack-o-lantern lighting up the house or walkway.

Did you have a chance to create any spooky or fun pumpkins this year?

For more Wordless Wednesday photos be sure to visit Cat at 3 Kids and Us and Emilie at Baby Loving Mama.

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  1. I take it after all that hard work on your house, you have no intentions of eating it!

  2. Are you going to eat it?

  3. Perfect Pumpkin!

    Come on over and visit my place, will ya?

    I just liked you on Facebook, maybe you can like me?:)

  4. Great job! I like your spooky house too. We did one last year.

  5. LOVE your haunted gingerbread house next to it!

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