Wordless Wednesday – Are you ready for some football?

What do you do when your husband asks for some cupcakes to take to work for a football kickoff party the next day at work? You work with what you have to give your cupcakes some spirit. In my case I just happened to have a spring mix of Wilton sugar crystals and was able sprinkle some purple and gold (Go Vikings!) over the top.

Since we live in a border town I was kind enough to create a few for the enemy Packers fans. I was told by one such fan that these might have helped put them over the top this year. After enjoying this one he made the mistake of trying a purple  and gold cupcake to see if he was missing anything. He told me it didn’t sit so well.

Muhahahahaha! It was that secret ingredient of Vikings Pride that I put in those so of course it wouldn’t sit well with him. Perhaps I should have put a warning label on them?

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      Oh you know it, my fellow (transplanted) Minnesotan! I should definitely get some football picks or something. Because I LOVE LOVE LOVE football and what better way to share my two loves than some football themed goodies?

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