Wordless Wednesday – Apple Season

Did you know there are over 7,500 different varieties of apples? Whether you like sweet, tart, sour, soft, crisp, tangy … there’s bound to be a variety you’ll love. While I’m particularly partial to baking with the Granny Smith apple, I’d love to know –  which apple variety is your favorite?

apple varieties

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  1. I like cooking with Jonathan apples. Eating grannies & macs are my boys favorites but oddly enough I like those tall dark red ones. I forget the name, empire maybe?

  2. I love the versatility and flavor of the McIntosh.

  3. Another reason I love this time of year!
    Happy WW!

  4. I love Pink Ladies. My kids and I were just talking about Apple Season this morning as we waited for the bus :-)

  5. Yes I love the sweetness of red delicious apples! I wish we had good ones from the trees here but they are small and have spots and are tart lol.

  6. I never know what kind to get! I’m going apple picking on the 1st. What kind do you suggest?

    • I personally love baking with Granny Smith but they aren’t available in the orchards around here till November. If you’re baking, Jonathan apples or Jonagold are both good choices.

  7. Wow, that is a huge variety of apples, I can honestly say I didn’t realize it was that much! Amazing :)

  8. My favorite is honeycrisp!! Yum! But, the price gets a little spendy, so anytime other than fall, we always have braeburn in the fridge.

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