About Me

BabyLovingMama Profile Pic cutout 3Emilie Pianfetti is the owner/author of OhMySugarHigh.com and owner/author of Baby Loving Mama. She grew up surrounded by scrumptious baked goods. Her mom is a serious bakeaholic and many of Emilie’s fondest memories include time spent in the kitchen baking with her mom and sister. With three small boys and a husband who love sweet treats, Emilie is sure to become the greatest mom and wife ever as she shares more recipes with readers and lets her family enjoy the sugar high.

Favorite Dessert –  Cheesecake

Favorite Recipe – Banana Flips and Cranberry Orange Scones with Orange Butter (How can I pick just one?)

Baking Inspiration – My Mother





Cat DavisCat Davis is an original co-author of OhMySugarHigh.com but no longer an active contributor. She is a passionate self taught baking mom to three young children. When not chasing toddlers and driving kids to extracurricular activities, you’ll find Cat in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes and cake decorating techniques. You’ll find Cat sharing her never-ending supply of recipes, mommy moments and tried and true product reviews at Food Family Finds Blog.

Favorite Dessert – Tiramisu

Favorite Recipe – Brimming with Roses Cake

Baking Inspiration – Paula Deen