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Worms in a Coffin Halloween Chocolate Brownies

This past weekend we had a Halloween party a little early with my extended family. My mother and I planned something fun for my kids, their cousins and some neighborhood friends. Everyone had a blast!

I decided to bring my addictive vanilla caramel corn [1] and these worms in a coffin brownies. Aren’t they fun? They aren’t difficult, they just take a bit of time to put together.

To create the coffins, I used this Wilton Coffin Dessert Shell Pan [2] and my favorite fudge brownie mix. You can get really creative with this pan and what exactly you want to use for decorations is entirely up to you! Other ideas that would work well include a skeleton candy mold [3] or tombstone candy mold [4], crushed cookies for “dirt” on top, bug or skeleton sprinkles [5], the possibilities are endless! I can also see a chocolate mousse working great in place of the icing!


Brownie mix or homemade recipe, prepared

Homemade chocolate icing or chocolate tub icing

Gummy worms

Black sugar or crushed cookies


Prepare your brownie mix. These coffins are huge so keep in mind that one 13″x9″ brownie mix will make approximately 7 coffins. I produced 15 coffins with two mixes and 13 coffins with one tub of milk chocolate icing. (A couple may have been eaten plain along the way…)

Spray cavities well with vegetable shortening spray and fill 2/3 full of brownie batter. Bake at 350 degrees for 24 to 26 minutes. Let sit for 5 minutes in pan before carefully removing with butter knife along the edges. You may be able to turn them upside and tap them loose but that didn’t work for me.

Transfer to wire rack and cool completely.

Cut gummy worms in half (or leave them whole if you prefer) and place four pieces (two worms) in each coffin and spread icing over. Top with black or brown sugar or crushed chocolate cookies if desired.

Next time I would try Wilton Bake Easy Spray [6]. Because I used a fudge brownie mix they were harder to remove without any breakage.  Keep in mind however that this project is very forgiving and most of the coffin will be covered with worms and icing so it is easy to hide imperfections. (If one breaks in half simply let sit on a wire rack and apply icing like glue once it has cooled completely)

Because they are so large we simply were prepared with a knife to cut them in half before serving.


The Wilton 6 Cavity Coffin Dessert Shell Pan [7] retails for $14.99. It is currently sold out on wilton.com but look for it at your local craft store or where Wilton products are sold. See their retailer locator [8] to find one near you! Also be sure to check out the other Halloween baking products [9] on Wilton as they are currently offering free shipping on orders over $25!


Disclosure – As a Wilton Mom Ambassador I was provided with the Wilton products used in this post, while baking ingredients were purchased by myself. Opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.