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Christmas Present Cake Pops

This week I have the daunting task of wrapping Santa’s gifts. While I don’t like putting it off to the last minute, I admittedly was distracted with wrapping presents of a different sort. The presents I have been dealing with are wrapped in sweet candy melts, tied with fondant and come with a smooth cake filling surprise. A lot more fun that dealing with paper, tape and curling ribbon if you ask me.

These Christmas Present Pops are shaped using a small square cookie cutter. By pressing the cake pop batter [1] into the cutter you can create a really nice “present” shape that can be placed on the stick in either direction to make them each a little unique.

Nothing is more festive than red and green so I dipped these in Wilton holiday colored candy melts. They dry with a nice shiny surface and are ready for wrapping in ribbon after a quick chill in the fridge.

For the “ribbon” I found it easiest to use Wilton’s pre-colored fondant cut into long thin strips.

Top these gifts with a pretty little fondant bow and you have some pretty sweet presents to share with friends and family.

Looking for more cake pop inspiration? Check out the Wilton Pops Sweets on a Stick [2] book full of full color photos, cake pop design ideas and recipes.