Glazed Chocolate Brownie Squares

One of my favorite parts about baking is that you can always have a spectacular looking dessert without a lot of effort if you are short on time. These Glazed Chocolate Brownie Squares I made this past week are a perfect example of that.

I purchased this Wilton Bake it Better 12 Cavity Bar pan ($10.97 and available at Walmart) at the Wilton Tent Sale earlier this month and got the itch to try it. So when we were having several guests come over for dessert I wanted to make a few desserts that were simple but still had some wow factor.
I used a boxed brownie mix that makes a 13×9 inch pan of brownies and filled the cavities almost half way. They baked for approximately 28 minutes but I simply chose the shortest time on the back of the box and then used a toothpick periodically after that to check they were done.

I let them cool inside the pan and used a butter knife to gently pull them out. They didn’t stick at all but it would have been hard to get them out otherwise. For the glaze I used my newest favorite baking product, Duncan Hines Amazing Glazes and used about a half a bottle over the tops. Simply warm the bottle in the microwave, shake and pour!

I  topped them off with rinsed and dried maraschino cherries for a pop of color. They looked great on a platter and certainly got attention. Best of all they tasted moist and delicious. With just a few minutes of my time I had created a dessert that turned heads but was very easy!


Disclosure: I am a Wilton Mom Ambassador but was not monetarily compensated for this post. My thoughts are 100% my own!
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  1. Lori A. says:

    Those look yummy! What a cool pan. I’ll have to look for that. :)

  2. These look gorgeous: very simple but elegant. I especially love the fact that they’re so easy to make. Thanks for the reminder that we can wow our guests with simple, straightforward desserts.

  3. So easy but so yummy! That is one of my favorite plans and I use it often when having dinner parties.

  4. This looks so gorgeous,made my mouth water!I am sure these were very delicious..

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