Apple Cranberry Crisp from My Mother-In-Law

Apple Cranberry Crisp with Ice Cream

My inlaws recently moved from Texas back to Minnesota, and now only live 10 minutes away from us. As an adult, I’ve never had family this close so I’m still getting used to the convenience of more family dinners, and dare I say available child care. (I’m still giddy about that.)  Over Labor Day weekend […]

Fall Flavors Recipe Roundup: More than 50 Recipes including Apple and Pumpkin

Pumpkin Coffee Cake Baby Loving Mama

Fall is definitely my very favorite time of year for baking. Besides having great options like fresh apple and pumpkin to work with, it is also the time when things finally start to cool off and we can enjoy using the oven again. I decided it would be fun to create a recipe roundup, perfect […]

Apple Coconut Crescent Dessert: The Sleeper Dessert

Apple Coconut Crescent Dessert

Some recipes surprise you. The ingredients sound good. You think, yeah, I bet that will be tasty. You take a chance and after it is baked up it looks ok. But when you present it with several desserts it might not be the first picked. It isn’t that it looks bad, it just doesn’t grab […]

Soft German Apple Bundt Cake

German Apple Cake 3

It is September already???!! While I am so sad to know that summer will soon be behind us, I’m excited that I can finally turn on my oven without baking myself inside my house while I do it. And of course fall actually is one of my very favorite times for baking because of all […]

Southern Plate Apple Fritters Recipe

inside apple fritter

Have you ever tried a recipe for the first time and thought to yourself, where have you been all my life? Well, that was me just this past weekend when I opened up my newest cookbook. If you’re wondering, be sure to hop over to my family blog and find out how I discovered the […]

Apple Bread…mmmm….

Apple Bread 7

Hope you aren’t yet sick of seeing apple recipes. Because I’m sure not yet sick of making them! If you are, then I hope these pictures will butter you up a bit so that you can enjoy the soft, sweet bread that this this recipe will give you. I know my family can’t get enough […]

Easy Slow Cooker Apple Butter

Easy Slow Cooker Apple Butter 1

Perhaps we should have named this apple week? While both Cat and I unintentionally made apples the focus for our posts, it does seem timely that we did. With apple season in full swing it is the perfect time to learn new ways in which to use this delicious fruit. And this won’t be the […]

Leftover Apples? Try Halloween Oreo Apple Dippers

oreo dipped apple

This morning I was going through my kitchen doing a general clean up like always and noticed my pile of apples. You know, the few extras that hang out in bags after a baking project that never used them all? Well, I hated the thought of just throwing them out and rather than just toss […]

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