Sweet and Spooky Halloween Recipes

pumpkin spice cake

With just three weeks left before Halloween, it’s time to kick it in gear and find the very best spooky treats around. Whether you’re a baking pro or a cake decorating hobbyist, these spooky Halloween recipes are sure to inspire your creativity in the kitchen. Spice Pumpkin Cake Duncan Hines Original – This wonderfully moist […]

Dipped Marshmallow Pops for Halloween

wilton halloween dipped marshmallows

As much as I love making desserts for the holidays, especially Halloween, I find that there are occasions where I need something quick and easy but equally as impressive as something like the candy corn cake. For instance, on Halloween night my family always stops over for a small get together after the kids are […]

Halloween Treat – Cocoa Puffy Spider Bites

cocoa puffy spider bites

Whether you’re hosting a full blown Halloween party this year or small post trick-or-treating get-together with family, you’ll need a few spooky treats to set the mood. Personally, there’s nothing more creepy to me than hairy legged spiders. These cocoa puffy spider bites are tarantula size and make great additions to Halloween dessert trays. Ingredients […]

Candy Corn Kix Mix Popcorn Balls

candy corn kix mix popcorn balls

When I think of Halloween treats and candies, the first two things that come to mind are candy corn and popcorn balls. What I hadn’t realized until this past weekend is what a tasty treat these would be together! Unlike typical popcorn balls that are overly crunchy, these won’t require a visit the dentist because […]

Leftover Apples? Try Halloween Oreo Apple Dippers

oreo dipped apple

This morning I was going through my kitchen doing a general clean up like always and noticed my pile of apples. You know, the few extras that hang out in bags after a baking project that never used them all? Well, I hated the thought of just throwing them out and rather than just toss […]

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