Patriotic Sprinkle Cones for the 4th of July

Patriotic Sprinkle Cones

When it comes to celebrating for holidays with food, sometimes I like to all out. But that doesn’t mean it has to be complicated either. It is amazing what a few touches can do to make a dessert something extra special. These Patriotic Sprinkle Cones from Christine Leeper are a perfect example of taking something simple and […]

Patriotic Tonic: Fruit Infused Sparkling Water

Patriotic Tonic Water

If you are like, me, you enjoy something nice and cold to drink on a warm summer day.  And while I love a cold glass of iced tea or lemonade, sometimes it is nice to switch things up a bit. Sparkling water gives you that nice fizz you love about soda, but without all the […]

Red, White and Blue Patriotic Butter Cookies

Patriotic Red White and Blue Butter Cookies

If you are looking for something a little outside the box for your 4th of July celebration, consider these patriotic butter cookies.  They will transport well and no worries about them melting in the hot summer sun.  It doesn’t hurt that they are very rich and tasty. This is one quick and easy to make recipe! […]

Cream Puffs: Fruit, Pudding and Whipped Cream Filled, Oh My!

Cream Puffs Filled with Fruit Pudding Whipping Cream

For years a family favorite has been filled cream puffs.  If you have never tried them, they are a great way to wow guests but yet so simple to make. And because you can customize the filling, they work great for any patriotic holiday with red, white and blue. Because of the nature of the […]

Strawberry Mocha Delight Dessert Featuring International Delight Iced Coffee

Strawberry Mocha Delight 4

If there is one drink that is popular in my house it is coffee, especially iced coffee. For years my husband has been making his own iced coffee but now we have an easier option that tastes great and is much less expensive than purchasing it from a coffee house! International Delight offers three iced […]

Patriotic Red, White and Blue JELL-O Fruit Parfaits

Patriotic Jello Parfait Cups Red White Blue

Happy Memorial Day! Hope you are all celebrating the deserving individuals for which this holiday is intended and enjoying some family time with some great food! What better way to do that than some patriotic red, white and blue gelatin and fruit parfaits? These are perfect for Memorial Day or 4th of July! I couldn’t […]

Light Pineapple Angel Lush Dessert

Angel Lush Dessert

Inevitably with the new year comes the desire for many of us to lead healthier lives. Whether that includes actually going on a diet or simply eating healthier foods, many of us are looking for ways to cut back. And with cutting back, dessert can take a back seat. It really doesn’t have to. It […]

American Flag Cheesecake from Kraft : An Easy Americana Dessert

American Flag Cheesecake 1

Baking for the 4th of July is one of my favorite times of the year. While I generally hate using the oven during this time, I love the taste and color when utilizing fresh fruit for the red, white and blue theme.  And even better, the weather usually cooperates so I can get nice shots […]

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