Fannie May Favorites Chocolate Dipped Strawberries – Oh My!

Fannie May Chocolate Dipped Berries Favorites 1

I know I typically cover recipes on this blog but when I get asked to just try out some chocolate dipped strawberries from Fannie May, what is this girl to do? Say no? Absolutely not. To turn down chocolate is just blasphemous anyway, but to turn down strawberries with chocolate is just wrong. Plus, I think [...]

Peppermint Mocha Bundt Cake Featuring International Delight #IDBaking

Peppermint Mocha Chip Bundt Cake

I love coffee. But as you might have guessed, I like my coffee sweet! My favorite coffee is typically a flavored one such as hazelnut and I love pairing that with some flavored creamer! But did you know you can incorporate flavored creamers into your baking? One of my favorite cakes is the bundt cake. It is [...]

Titanium Twister Replacement Beater + 4th of July Giveaway

Titanium_twister _fourth-of-july-giveaway 2

I absolutely adore my green apple KitchenAid Artisan mixer. I love its functionality just as much as I love how it looks sitting in my kitchen. Isn’t she a beauty? It is has been a grand love affair. I have only owned my mixer for a couple of years. Which in KitchenAid stand mixer years, [...]

Dress Up Your Treats for Valentine’s Day + White Lily Giveaway

White Lily Flour Valentines Day Ideas 1

One sure way to see the changes in the season and holidays is the differences we see in the ingredients we use to bake. For example, with fall you may use a lot of apples, cinnamon and pumpkin which is why that is my favorite time of year to bake.  The same is true with [...]

Glazed Chocolate Brownie Squares

Glazed Brownie Squares 1

One of my favorite parts about baking is that you can always have a spectacular looking dessert without a lot of effort if you are short on time. These Glazed Chocolate Brownie Squares I made this past week are a perfect example of that. I purchased this Wilton Bake it Better 12 Cavity Bar pan [...]

Gourmet Cupcakes from Heavenly Delight Cakes

heavenly delight cakes

This past weekend while visiting our local mall with my family we ran into something oh so very delightful. As we’re walking to the food court for lunch my son blurts out “hey mom, there’s cupcakes”. My goodness, yes there were cupcakes! Shelves of them on a kiosk, fluffy, buttercream topped cupcakes! While I have [...]

Valentine Friends Sugar Cookies from Nestle Toll House {Giveaway}

Nestle Valentine prize pack

Even though I love to bake, sometimes I just can’t find the time. I’d like to make the time but life can get in the way. (Why oh why life must you be such a pain sometimes? I need my baking fix!) If you don’t really love to bake or are also finding it hard [...]

Baking Love is in the Air: Wilton Valentine’s Day Giveaway

Wilton Whoopie Pie Heart Pan

I’ll admit I don’t really need an excuse to bake but Valentine’s Day certainly gives another one. With so many fun ways to use hearts, cherries and chocolate that make our treats pop, it is hard to resist this holiday. And if you were thinking to surprise your Valentine with a thoughtful gift that doesn’t [...]

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