Hillshire Farm Lit’l Smokies Party Animals for the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day

Hillshire Farm Love Pup Litl Smokies

No gathering is quite complete in our family without bacon wrapped Lit’l Smokies from Hillshire Farm. If we are serving appetizers for the holidays or a big game, they are sure to be there. So when I was asked to try creating some fun party animals with them, I couldn’t refuse. They certainly take the [...]

Nut Goodie Fudge

Nut Goodie Fudge Layers Peanuts

There are just some recipes that seem to stand the test of time. That tried once, you just can’t help but make them again, over and over. One Christmas tradition for us has been this nut goodie fudge. My mom started making it for our family when I growing up and it was always on [...]

Baked and Loaded Mashed Potatoes

Baked and Loaded Mashed Pototoes featuring Betty Crocker

I freely admit that I typically only use fresh potatoes when cooking. I’ve never been a huge fan of instant mashed potatoes because an aftertaste I find unappealing. I also love texture in my potatoes so I’ve pretty much avoided all boxed mashed potatoes. But I was recently challenged by General Mills to come up [...]

Ham and Potato Soup: Easy Leftover Meal

Ham and Potato Soup with Betty Crocker Scalloped Potatoes

I’m always on the lookout for a recipe that is quick and easy during the winter, especially during the holidays. So when General Mills asked me to create a simple meal with their specialty potatoes, I took on the challenge. Soup is a perfect example of a one dish meal that is filling and satisfies. [...]

Sweet Potato Praline Quesadillas: Easy Leftovers Treat

Sweet Potato Praline Quesadilla Thanksgiving Leftovers and Old El Paso 2

Thanksgiving is almost upon us. I’m already dreaming of all the delicious food that I know will grace our table on the big day. But  when it comes to leftovers, they can start to get a bit old after a couple of days. I love unique ways in which to use the leftovers so they [...]

Simple and Fun I Love You Kid Snack

Yoplait GoGurt I Love You Snack

I know it may seem like I feed my kids a bunch of sweets (I do love to bake after all), but I really try to make healthier choices for my boys. For example, when I do bake, my kids typically end up with it as a dessert for just one night.   And I [...]

Simple Holiday Meal Plan with Pillsbury Crescent Rolls

Simple Holiday Meal Plan featuring Pillsbury Crescent Rolls

When thinking of all the work that goes into our holiday meals, I often wonder how my mother does it. We typically spend our holidays with my parents and I marvel at all my mom prepares for a group of 13.  She isn’t satisfied with a few sides, she needs at least a half a [...]

Pumpkin Coconut Fruit Dip with Yoplait Greek Yogurt

Pumpkin Coconut Fruit Dip using Yoplait Greek

I love fall but I am not a fan of our cold Minnesota winters.  With the end of summer I can’t help but think of the start of winter coming all to soon. One thing that always seems to soften the blow is all of the wonderful flavors found in fall. Pumpkin is certainly one [...]

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