Toasted Coconut & Cherry Surprise Valentine Cake Pops

Toasted Coconut Valentine Cake Pops 6

I hope you can’t get enough of cake pops because I’ve got several to show you and not all of them are making it into this post. Watch for more coming soon! I’ve already shared with you how to make Cake Pops: Wilton Style so please refer to that post for more information, including directions […]

Christmas Wreath Cake Pops

Christmas Wreath Cake Pop

When it comes to holiday decorating in our home, the Christmas wreath is the first decoration to go up and the last one to come down. It’s that special little symbol that gives the warm fuzzy feeling to everyone that approaches our front door. And now I’ve found a way to bottle up that comforting […]

Snowman & Snowball Winter Cake Pops

Snowman Snowball Pop

For weeks I’ve been begging and pleading for Old Man Winter to bring me some snow. When he finally did, it unfortunately came with awful gusts of wind that left us with little drifts of snow here and there that turned into the consistency of concrete. Not exactly the snowman building kind of snow I […]

Christmas Present Cake Pops

Christmas Present Cake Pops

This week I have the daunting task of wrapping Santa’s gifts. While I don’t like putting it off to the last minute, I admittedly was distracted with wrapping presents of a different sort. The presents I have been dealing with are wrapped in sweet candy melts, tied with fondant and come with a smooth cake […]

Santa’s Hat Cake Pops

Santa Hat Pops

With the recent announcement of the Wilton Pops! publication, I couldn’t help but be inspired to try some sweets on a stick myself, all focused on Christmas. For the next few days, I hope you’ll be inspired to try some pops yourself. In most cases, these are really simple to make, make cute stocking stuffers […]

Wilton Cake Pops Bloggers Contest – Updated

Wilton Cake Pops Book 2

Everything seems to taste better, look better and frankly is more fun to eat when it is on a stick! Wilton is well aware of this trend and has been providing products and ideas to produce amazing treats on a stick for years. But now Wilton has taken it to the next level with an […]

Amazing Cake Pops: Wilton Style

Wilton Cake Pops 9

I had the opportunity to attend the Wilton Mom ReTreat outside Chicago last week and learned some amazing baking ideas. One of my favorites was a Cake Pops demonstration which resulted in some absolutely scrumptious cake pops. These treats on a stick are perfect for any occasion from birthday parties to holiday gatherings. Their versatility […]

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