Colorful Cupcakes with Creamy Cream Cheese Frosting

Rainbow Cupcakes Angry Birds Space Creamy Cream Cheese Frosting

When I asked my son Warren what theme he’d like for his 5th birthday, he was very clear that he’d love Angry Birds Space. The wheels in my head starting turning about how I would implement that theme into a cake. When I asked me more about kind of cake he’d like, he took much […]

Wilton Leap Frog Birthday Cake Tutorial

Wilton Frog Cake 13

When my little niece Bella’s 2nd birthday started to approach, I offered to make her birthday cake. My sister would typically buy birthday cakes or stick with cupcakes and I wanted to do something special for my niece. When I found out that her theme was frogs I was immediately excited and looked over […]

Wilton 3-D Express Train Cake Tutorial

Wilton 3D Train Cake 14

I wanted to create something special for my son’s 4th birthday. He is attracted to anything that moves and lately the obsession has been focused mainly on trains. He told me he’d love a train cake without a face, or his way of saying, “Mommy, please don’t get me a Thomas cake. I want a […]

Building a Lego Block Birthday Cake

lego cake blocks four colors

For someone like me who loves the decorating aspect of baking cakes, I surprised myself at how much of a challenge it was to come up with a fun cake idea for my son’s 9th birthday. The older he gets, the less fun the party themes become. But I couldn’t disappoint him with some store […]

Wordless Wednesday – My First Fondant Cake

Circle Fondant Cake 4

(Warning: This is so not a wordless post. Ssshhhh) Anyone else a Cake Boss fan? I started watching it after I came home from the Wilton ReTreat, all inspired. And after begging my husband Joe to watch it with me, he instantly became hooked as well. We finished the whole first season within a week. […]

3D Cinderella Doll Cake fit for a Princess

cinderella cake 4

When we do birthdays in our house we like to do them BIG! It’s a celebration of life, of family and most notably, the growth and accomplishments of our children. It’s such a bittersweet time, watching our babies become little people and someday .. adults. While I can’t shower my kids with expensive, extravagant gifts, […]

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