Chocolate Chip Whoopie Pies Made Easy

chocolate chip whoopie pies

Ever heard of a Whoopie Pie? Its a funny name and a delicious sandwich cookie that I first learned about last year when our family was visiting a local bakery where they had a display of pumpkin Whoopie Pies. They looked incredibly delicious, unfortunately, I don’t much care for pumpkin flavor so I decided I […]

Fresh Strawberry Cupcakes for the Cure

strawberry cupcakes for the cure

Last Saturday my family and I hosted a small get together and benefit for 1,000 Cooks for the Cure, a joint effort by KitchenAid and Susan G Komen for the Cure, to raise donations for the foundation through cooking. Ours was one of 259 registered parties where we managed to raise $55 which I think […]

Wordless Wednesday – Delicious Dessert Disasters

Berries Cake and Custard Parfait

I think we’ve all been there. That moment you realized you screwed up while making what should have been a dessert masterpiece but instead looks like a total flop? Sometimes those flops can turn into the most delicious desserts and a completely avoided disaster. Such was the case this past weekend when I made a […]

Cranberry Orange Scones with Orange Butter

Cranberry Orange Scones 10w

I love scones. Especially warm scones with my morning coffee. I can’t remember the first time I had one but I know that I was always a sucker for the cranberry orange scones at Caribou Coffee and can’t even imagine how much I’ve spent on them. Several years ago I found this recipe while looking […]

Quick and Easy No Bake Pound Cake Petit Fours

pink and white pound cake petit fours

When I was a kid, I remember my mom use to bring home these little boxes of mini cakes around Christmas time.They were cute, bite size and had little delicious layers. It wasn’t until I was older than I learned these were called Petit Fours which is French for “little oven” and translates to a […]

Saturday Sweet Shots Photo Recipe Linky #2

saturday sweet shots

Welcome to Saturday Sweet Shots. To get things started, here’s a little synopsis of our new weekend meme, feel free to copy and paste on your own blog when participating. Or if you’re sharing an older recipe, we’d love for you to add the sweet shots button or a link back to this post. Every […]

Knox Blox

Knox Blox 4w

With hot summer days making it impossible to use an oven, I love cold refreshing treats that are easy with no baking necessary. My mom has made these a tradition since I was little. Unlike Jello Jigglers, Knox Blox are much firmer and easily transported. No fork or spoon required. Sugar free Jello can be […]

Banana Flips

Banana Flips 2w

This is one of my favorite desserts (really, see here) and a treasured recipe from my mother that has been in our family since I was very little. The banana flavor is subtle so even if you aren’t a big fan of banana you may still like this unique dessert with an elegant presentation. We […]

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